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Alloy production line

Zibo HITECH Material CO.,LTD is located in Zibo Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, which is recombined by Zibo HITECH Alloy CO.,LTD and Zibo HITECH Refractory CO.,LTD in May, 2007. We are a Hi-Tech company with manufacturing, research and development of various special alloy and copper mould tube, and passed ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification.

Our company own advanced machines and equipments,including 2 sets of 1 ton vacuum furnace, 2 sets of 2 ton vacuum furnace, 1 set of 3 ton vacuum furnace, 1 set of 5 ton vacuum furnace, 2 sets of 2 ton induction furnace, 1 set of 1 ton induction furnace, 26 sets of 500 kg~2 ton electroslag remelting furnace, 2 sets of 2000 ton forging machine, 4 sets of 3-roller rolling mill, 2 sets of 4-roller rolling mill, 1 set of 20-roller rolling mill, 4 sets of on line annealing furnace, 2 sets of frequency drawing unit, 2 sets of frequency control Take-up production of annealing by hydrogen protection, 3 sets of cold rolled pipe mill, 1 set of 3150 ton extrusion machine, argon arc welding machine, and plasma welding machine etc, and have test center of chemical and physical with advanced equipments, such as spectrometer, optical instrument, detector, tensile testing machine and other laboratory equipment etc.

Products are mainly nickel alloy, stainless steel, precision alloy, copper pipe and copper mould tubes, including plate/sheet, strip, wire, bar/rod, seamless pipe, welded tube, flange, tee, elbow,stub end,reducer,square copper mould tube, round copper mould tube, beam blank, H shape copper mould tube etc. They are widely used in petrochemical, chemical industry, machinery, nuclear, aerospace, ship, metallurgy, medicine, construction etc, and have been exported to more than 20 countries, including USA, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Pakistan, Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Australia etc.

In recent years, our company have been developing new products constantly, exploring new technologies and new processes and cooperating with many research institutes and achieved substantial results. We have also built strategic partner relationship with state-owned large steel enterprises, such as Dongbei Special Steel Group, Fushun Special Steel Group etc. We have supplied many kinds of special steel and parts for a number of national key projects and joined in the designing and constructing many national and abroad big projects.