What is the development status of corrosion-resistant alloy compound pipes?

Corrosion-resistant alloy compound pipes consist of two different metallic materials, the pipe layer close combined by various deformation and connection technology.

Corrosion-resistant alloy compound pipes can realize the preponderance complement each other of materials maximum, economize materials and reduce the project expenses, thus improving corrosion resistance of pipes and extending the service life of pipes on the basis of base tubes’ performance.

Depending on the nature of the interface combining, corrosion-resistant alloy compound pipes can be divided into mechanical compound pipes and metallurgical compound pipes.

At present, advanced technologies and equipments of corrosion-resistant alloy compound pipes focused in Germany and Japan.

The production and application of corrosion-resistant alloy compound pipes at home and abroad are mainly mechanical compound pipes, of which sizes are mainly Φ219mm, Φ159mm. Metallurgical compound pipes are relatively few, of which sizes maily under Φ159mm or over Φ325mm.